As we continue to learn about the Dayan system and pass the knowledge on, we hear many amazing stories about how peoples lives have been changed for the better. Thank you to those who have shared their experiences.

"When Shane Lear brought back the Wild Goose forms from China, the very first time I saw it and felt the Qi from it, I said to myself “I have to learn this.”  As we get older, we hopefully get wiser.  The other thing I learned is that the best warriors are the best healers.  I have seen a lot of Qigong systems in my 40 years of training.  Some of them are good and some of them are actually harmful to the practitioner.  Out of my experience, the Wild Goose system offers the simplest yet most comprehensive method of enhancing one’s Qi flow for health and longevity.  Even if longevity is not a priority, having quality health in the years you have should be.  The 1st and 2nd forms of Wild Goose help one accomplish this feat.  There have been many testimonials before this, but I will just say that Wild Goose has done more for my overall well being than anything I have ever learned.  I look forward to each practice session like a starving man looks forward to a meal.  There is plenty more for me to learn in this life, but the Wild Goose forms will always be a permanent part of my training.  The great thing is that this simple system is not just for those of us who are Martial Artists, but for everyone no matter your age, ability or background."

Grandmaster Steve Cooper - Nashville, TN

“Since being trained in Wild Goose QiGong 2 ½ months ago, there have been many positive outcomes, both physically and mentally.

  I have been on blood pressure medication for over two years, and approximately one month after being trained in QiGong, my doctor took me off of the medication altogether.  Since my last visit to the doctor, three months prior to the aforementioned appointment with him, I also lost about 15 lbs.  None of my eating nor exercising habits had changed during that time.

I have also had a tumor/cyst behind my right knee cap for about five years, caused by a torn meniscus in that knee. I go back to the orthopedic specialist every six months to have the fluid drained out, because it builds up and causes pressure to that entire area.  I noticed a few days ago that the entire tumor/cyst is gone.  I hate to jump to conclusions so quickly and declare that it’s the QiGong.  However, it is interesting that I just went to the specialist no more than three months ago to have it drained, and it was still quite large…and now, it’s completely gone.

Overall, my body, with all the aches pains I was feeling prior to training, is more relaxed, and my mind is pretty much stress free.  I’m a school teacher, and I have talked to numerous other teachers and friends about my experience with Wild Goose QiGong over the past few months.  At this point, there are about 30 people (teachers and friends) who are interested in learning the movements of Wild Goose.”

Brian McDorman - Indianapolis, Indiana

I have been absolutely amazed at what doing the Wild Goose Qigong form has done for me. It has increased my flexibility, my energy, and noticeably increased my Chi level. Using Chi for martial arts, in my practice, and with acupuncture is quicker and more responsive. The stronger it gets the more amazed

 I am. Where has this energy been all of my life!

After a day in the office I have appreciably more energy. I have also practiced Yoga and Tai chi for years, the results of which do not come close to what the Wild Goose Form has done. When we were training and did the form 3 X's in succession; body heat rose significantly, the sweat came out and an energetic feeling came over most of us; I might add with not a lot of physical exertion.

It is great. I recommend it for anyone. Shane is a meticulous and patient instructor. He is totally committed.

Many thanks for learning and sharing this oriental treasure. I am looking forward to many more years of practice and learning. Shane, bring on the second 64! This form, done properly, can add vitality and years to life for anyone. It is incredible!

Dr. Joe Stynchula - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

And these comments from a group of participants who completed a Wild Goose Qigong weekend intensive -

"I came to class with a headache but after performing the Wild Goose form the headache released. I was amazed that this would happen doing this form since I was not expecting it to happen."

Becky S.


"This form is excellent for stress relief. I find that when I am stressed now, that I do the form and it helps to release the tension from the day. Sometimes I do it on my lunch break from work to help release the stress and tension from my job."

Kate P.

"I have never slept better than I have since I started the Wild Goose Qigong form. 8 hours of sleep is now not a luxury as it used to be. Thank you Shane for bringing this form back to the states."

Doug S.

"I have noticed a reduction in my weight since doing the form which is amazing considering it is so soft. Also the relief of stress is a wonderful change of pace. Excellent all the way around."

Tony J.

"I have noticed a difference in the tension of my back especially in the lower area. The pain relief from the Wild Goose Qigong is better than anything that I done in the past."

Lee P.

"I have started to notice an “internal heat” developing inside my body when I do the form. Also, I have noticed a great release of negative energy while practicing this form. I know that I will continue to practice this the rest of my life."

Laura C.

"I start my day off with the Wild Goose form and have found that it is a great way to set the mood for the day. I am now more relaxed and balanced throughout my day to day activities."

Dan D.

"The energy of this form is amazing. When you watch Shane you can feel the energy, but when you actually perform it yourself it is unbelievable. I have done other forms of Qigong with Shane before but this by far is more powerful than anything that he has ever shown us before."

Amy U.