Membership in the Dayan Arts® Organization (DAO)

Membership in the Dayan Arts® Organization (DAO) is subject to prior approval. If you are interested in joining the DAO, please use the Contact Us tab at the top of the page. Let Sifu Shane Lear know of your interest and he will get back to you. The benefits of membership include exclusive on line access to training media (videos and PDF documents) and discounts on the semiannual Delphos camps.


Wild Goose Books, Videos & Charts

All of the items in the table below can be purchased directly from Amazon - just click on the item for a direct link.

 WGQanInternatArt SmCover      
Wild Goose Qigong - An Internal Art       
Forms DVDs
 DVDCover 1st64Form  DVDCover 2nd64Form  DVDCover MeridianPattingForm  WGOverview DVDBox160x160

1st 64 Form DVD
(Earth & Metal)

2nd 64 Form DVD
(Earth & Metal)
Meridian Patting DVD Wild Goose
10 Forms Overview DVD
 WaterFormsDVDCover Small  Wood&EarthFormsDVDCover Small  FireFormsDVDCover Small  DVDCover DayanPalmForm
Water Forms DVD Earth & Wood Forms DVD FIre Forms DVD Dayan Palm Form DVD
Seminar DVDs

 DVDCover QiEngagementSeminar  DVDCover HealingHandsISeminar DVDCover HealingHandsIISeminar
  Wild Goose Qi Engagement

Healing Hands Seminar
Part 1

 Healing Hands Seminar
Part II (LoShu Square)

This special chart is exclusive to the Dayan Arts® Group. It lists the acupuncture points used in the Wild Goose (Dayan) system forms and healing applications.

The chart includes - External Channel paths with the points used in the dynamic forms and static meditations, Five Transporting Points (Well, Spring, Stream, River, Sea), Channel / Vessel - Polarity, Element, Flow Peak, Number of Points, Five Phases (5-Element) Cycle - points and channels are color coded to phase (element).

The chart is available in 24” X 36” ($55) and 36” X 48” ($80) on 13 oz vinyl with pre-mounted grommets for easy wall hanging. Prices include shipping within the continental US only.

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