The Dayan Arts® Organization (DAO) is dedicated to following the teachings of the 28th generation lineage holder of the Dayan System, Grand Master Chen Chuan Gang through GM Chen's inner door disciple, Sifu Shane Lear. Membership in the DAO is $100 per year and provides discounts on the semi-annual Wild Goose camps in Delphos, Ohio  and access to the Members Only section of this web site with articles, videos and documentation on the Wild Goose practices. These include the forms, meditaions, training aids and history of Wild Goose.

To sign up for DAO membership and pay the annual $100 fee, click HERE.

For those interested in Instructing, the Dayan Arts® Organization membership provides the continuing education material needed to receive certification as a Dayan Arts® Instructor. Please see the chart below for more information on specific Instructor Requirements. The material for these courses will be provided on the Dayan Arts® at Home Faacebook group or directtly by Sifu Lear.

 Course  Hours  Required Study Areas
AOL Instructor
(Distance Course)
Self Paced  1) TaiChi Hun Yuan Chuang
 2) Kidney Strengthening Form
 3) Seated Meditation
 4) Standing Meditation
DAO Basic Instructor  100  1) 1st 64 Form
 2) 2nd 64 Form
 3) Five-Phase Meditations
 4) Expel the Toxins Meditation
DAO Intermediate Instructor  300  1) Kunlun Bagua Form
 2) Meridian Patting Form
 3) Kidney Clearing Form
 4) Kidney Strengthening Form
 5) Trigeminal Spiral Form
 6) Calmness Meditation
DAO Senior Instructor  500  1) Dayan Palm Form
 2) Dayan Soft Palm Form
 3) Dayan Fist Form
 4) Remote Viewing Meditation
 5) Open the Points Meditation
 6) Secret Transmission Meditation
DAO Master Instructor  800  1) Chest Emitting Fragrance Form
 2) Power Development Form
 3) Buddha Seated Meditaiton
 4) Corrective Therapy Meditation
 5) Protect the Liver Form
 6) Treat the Eyes Form
 7) Acupressure/Massage/Energy Healing Course
 8) Corrective QIgong Course
 9) Balanced Body - Balanced Life Course

Dayan Arts® Organization – DAO Instructor Requirements

1. Instructors in Dayan Arts®(Healing, Martial Arts, or Meditation) must update training yearly by attending a seminar, hosting a seminar, or arranging for training with Shane Lear or a Senior Instructor in the Dayan Arts® System. Failure to arrange for training within a 12 month period will result in loss of instructor status within the group.
2. Instructors must be actively teaching to continue to be recognized on the Dayan Arts® website. This can be group training, seminars, or private training. Failure to teach within a 1 year period will result in loss of instructor certification.
3. Instructors and Instructor candidates will conduct themselves with proper etiquette and ethics. If an instructor is accused of violation of this order, the board will vote to decide whether to allow the instructor to continue in the group. All instructors found guilty of improper conduct by the board will not be recognized further in Dayan Arts®.
4. All candidates for DAO instructor will attend a Camp and have an interview with the board to determine their effectiveness and ability to teach the system correctly.
5. All candidates will take a written and physical test to determine their ability to effectively teach the system.
6. Once tests are passed, the DAO candidate will have a probationary period of 6 months before they are listed on the website in order to evaluate teaching style, effectiveness, and conduct. The board will vote on completion of this probationary period whether to allow the candidate to be listed on the website and become a full Dayan Arts® Instructor.
7. All DAO instructor candidates must have a minimum of 16 hours of hands on training with a senior instructor in Dayan Arts®. This can also be achieved thru seminar attendance, or personal instruction with any of the senior instructors in Dayan Arts®.
8. There are 4 levels of DAO instructor – Basic, Intermediate, Senior, and Master Instructor. Instructors are determined by the board. Senior and Master Instructors are determined by Shane Lear (or the active leader of the group at that time). Dayanquan Gongfu may also award an honorary rank providing that the instructor has the necessary experience in the martial arts and knows all forms for the level of promotion.  
9. The name Dayan Arts® is a registered trademark of TaiChi Arts LLC. Use of the Dayan Arts® logo for any promotional items must be approved by Shane Lear before use.
10. All testing of Black Sash and above in the Dayanquan Gongfu system will be done at either the yearly Spring or Fall Camps in Delphos, Ohio.
11. To be recognized as an instructor in Dayanquan Gongfu, the individual must be a minimum of Black Sash. Black Sash and above may test their students up to Brown Sash in Dayanquan Gongfu. All Sashes and Certificates will be issued from the Dayan Arts® Headquarters.