Blank1PixelThe Balanced Body - Balanced Life book, introducing the Balanced Life System

One of the oldest holistic health systems in the world is the practice of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Proven over thousands of years, TCM is very effective, but at the same time can be very complex.
The Balanced Body - Balanced Life book covers a distillation of TCM - The Balanced Life System - that removes many layers of complexity to reveal an easy to use health enhancement system.
Working on the foundational TCM principle of energetic balance, a concise Q & A form identifies meridian imbalances. Then the Balanced Life System provides easy-to-use methods of meditation, stretching, and acupressure that are designed to rebalance the body’s energy flows.  The rebalancing methods are specific to the individual meridians. The whole system is easy to use with short daily practice sessions.
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