Blank1PixelAbout Dayan Arts

Dayan Arts® is headed by Sifu Shane Lear, a direct student of 28th generation Wild Goose System Lineage Holder, Grand Master Chen Chuan Gang. Sifu Lear met and began studying with Grand Master Chen during a 2009 visit to China. When he returned to the US, Sifu Lear began to demonstrate the Wild Goose forms and applications. Those demonstrations generated substantial interest in the Healing and Martial methods of Wild Goose, which led to the formation of Dayan Arts®.

As the eldest son of Yan Meijun, the famous centenarian Grand Master that introduced the Wild Goose system to the world in the 1970s, Grand Master Chen has a wealth of knowledge to pass on. At a vigorous 90+ years of age he continues to teach and promote Wild Goose. It was a special honor for Sifu Lear that during his 2011 visit, Grand Master Chen verified him as a part of the Dayan system lineage and officially charged him with spreading the word about the benefits of the Wild Goose (Dayan) system of Healing and Martial Arts. Because of Sifu Lear’s extensive background in the martial arts, Grand Master Chen also gave him the specific charge of bringing the martial side of the system into the public eye. SIfu Lear was further honored in 2015 when he was inducted by Grand Master Chen as an "inner door student".

This points to the primary goal of Dayan Arts®, which is to accurately pass on the Wild Goose system as it is taught by 28th Generation Lineage Holder, Grand Master Chen Chuan Gang. To carry this out, a number of steps have been undertaken –
1. A training and certification program for instructors is in place
2. A writing/producing partnership between Shane Lear and David Deich is producing books & videos
3. National Wild Goose training camps are being held on a regular basis
4. Regional seminars are conducted across the US and Europe by Sifu Lear
5. Certified Instructors are teaching Wild Goose classes in US and Europe
6. And there is more to come….

As the central driver behind Dayan Arts®, Sifu Lear’s broad background in both Healing and Martial Arts are vitally important

Shane Lear has studied the Martial Arts since High School. He was promoted to Black Belt and opened his first dojo in 1991. Since then he has studied multiple arts and currently holds Black Belt rank in five systems, the highest being 7th Degree Black Belt in Ryukyu Kempo Karate. In addition to frequently attending and presenting seminars in the United States, his search for knowledge has taken him to many parts of China including Beijing, Hong Kong, Wuhan, the Wudang Mountains, and the Shaolin Temple, as well as Tokyo, Japan. He has made several trips studying various subjects including, Tai chi, Kung Fu, Qigong (Medical and Martial), Acupressure, Acupuncture, Massage, Meditation, and TCM practices. Shane has received training from several prominent Martial Arts instructors including Grandmaster George Dillman, Grandmaster Chen Chuan Gang and several Grandmaster and Master monks at the Shaolin Temple.

Shane is also a student of the Healing arts. He is a State of Ohio certified Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and nationally certified (NCTMB) massage therapist. He also holds a Master and Instructor certificate in Acupressure from the G-Jo Institute and a TCM massage certificate from the Tongren Hospital in Beijing, China and TCM-Acupuncture Certificate from Beijing Mebo TCM Training Center. Shane is also a certified Yoga instructor. He is continues to study a wide range of holistic healing practices.