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Wild Goose System - Volume I
1st & 2nd 64 Forms
Wild Goose System - Volume II
Meridian Patting & Meditation
Forms DVDs
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1st 64 Form DVD
(Earth & Metal)

2nd 64 Form DVD
(Earth & Metal)
Meridian Patting DVD Wild Goose
10 Forms Overview DVD
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Water Forms DVD Earth & Wood Forms DVD FIre Forms DVD Dayan Palm Form DVD
Seminar DVDs

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  Wild Goose Qi Engagement

Healing Hands Seminar
Part 1

 Healing Hands Seminar
Part II (LoShu Square)

This special chart is exclusive to the Dayan Arts® Group. It lists the acupuncture points used in the Wild Goose (Dayan) system forms and healing applications.

The chart includes - External Channel paths with the points used in the dynamic forms and static meditations, Five Transporting Points (Well, Spring, Stream, River, Sea), Channel / Vessel - Polarity, Element, Flow Peak, Number of Points, Five Phases (5-Element) Cycle - points and channels are color coded to phase (element).

The chart is available in 24” X 36” ($55) and 36” X 48” ($80) on 13 oz vinyl with pre-mounted grommets for easy wall hanging. Prices include shipping within the continental US only.

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